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In order to care for the eyelashes and the minimal glued areas, some special products are required that do not damage the glue.

Certain substances, which are used in cosmetics, make the small glued areas soft and the glued eyelashes fall off. All of your work will be bad.

You have to explain this to the customer and that there are special cosmetic products for the LUXUSLASHES® eyelash extensions or you can draw up a list of all harmful substances and give them to your customer.

The LUXUSLASHES® cosmetic line is the ideal helper and supporter when it comes to skin care and compatibility with eyelash extensions.

You have various options to bring LUXUSLASHES® products closer to your customers.

Our displays are a practical tool to decoratively present and sell LUXUSLASHES® products.

On the one hand, our care products offer you everything your LuxusLashes® eyelash extensions need to look like they did on the first day for as long as possible, and on the other hand everything your skin needs to look youthful, firm and supple. The exquisite and high-quality ingredients

LuxusLashes® care products are not only something very special for the eyelashes - they make eyes shine.

All LuxusLashes® care products are specially produced for us in Germany and are currently the absolute non plus ultra in terms of quality and effectiveness. With these high standards, the LuxusLashes® care series offers you concentrated power for your eyelash extensions

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Mascara Senses

Mascara SENSES



SENSES Make-up Remover

SENSES Make-up Remover

Brauen Lifting Kit

Do it yourself Brauen Lifting Kit

Display cosmetics

Display (incl. products)


10 ml


6 ml


200 ml


Erfrischende, prickelnde Gesichtsmaske. 15 ml

Eye gel

30 ml

24h cream

50 ml

Eye mask

50 ml

Cleansing brush

For perfect lash cleaning

Pocket brush

10 pcs.


with pocket brush & mascara

Eyeliner Liquid

Set of 10