Lash Lifting

What is lash lifting?
Lash lifting is a method that gives natural lashes a lasting lift and curl. This makes them look longer and fuller. Selected products curl the natural eyelashes and this curl lasts about 4-6 weeks. The LIFT IT liquid lifts and curls the eyelashes, the FIX IT lotion fixes the eyelashes and the keratin-containing TREAT IT mixture nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes. You can even combine a lash tint with the lift. The products we use are "Made in Austria", which makes us, as an Austrian company ourselves, particularly proud.

Advantages and durability
With a professional lash lifting, eyelash curlers are a thing of the past. it is ideal for anyone who wants a natural but perfect look. The treatment is especially suitable for people with particularly short and/or straight eyelashes or for all "Busy Bees" who do not have much time for beauty moments. In order to always have the perfect curl, we recommend a new lift every 4 to 6 weeks. This type of treatment is also suited for people who wear contact lenses.

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Lash Lifting Set
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Brauen Lifting Kit

Do it yourself Brauen Lifting Kit
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The Lotions for Lash Lifting
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Silikon Pads for Lash ifting
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Glue for Lashlifting
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